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Natūralus augalinis sviestmedžio aliejus 45g.


Walnut Vegetable Oil 50ml.

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Sauna Oil Pack “Fragrant Sauna” 4 pcs x 10ml.


Set’s kit: essential oils 10 ml: eucalyptus, bergamot, silver fir, thyme essential oils.

Shelf life : 24 month

Hurry! only 40 left in stock.


Sauna is one of the most versatile ways to cleanse the body and health the whole organism. With the help of aromatherapy this procedure can be even more efficient and effective. TM Aromatika presents a series of aroma compositions intended specifically for use in baths and saunas. Natural essential oils in their composition enhance repeatedly the curative effect of bath procedures.

It is believed that the bathhouse conditions are virtually ideal for the curative effects of aromas and their penetration into the body. Under the influence of hot air the pores, capillaries, and respiratory tract are expanding that facilitates rapid penetration of the curative aromatic molecules of essential oils into organism that therapeutically and prophylactically affects all body systems.

This four oil sauna pack is a must for sauna!

Application : oil for sauna, for air aromatization in sauna. For flavoring the water while taking a bath, for flavoring air in the saunas by applying on the hot stones or by evaporating through the aroma lamps

Method application : Apply the required amount of oil onto the hot stones or evaporate through the aroma lamps.



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