Aromatherapy Set ,,Bergamot- Lime” 10ml.


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The blend of bergamot-lime by Aromatika TM will fill your room with cool, refreshing, spicy fruit aroma. This blend will help you to deal with bad mood and gain a peace of mind. This blend is especially recommended for air aromatization during unfavorable autumn and winter time.


drip 1-2 drops of essential oils blend on a ceramic star. You can regulate the intensity of a scent by the number of stars used: the more stars, the more intensive is a scent.

Maintenance: wash the stars 1-2 times per month with baking soda water.

Set’s kit: essential oils blend 10 ml (0.33 oz) – 1pcs; ceramic stars – 5 pcs; aluminium pot – 1 pcs.

Shelf life : 24 month

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