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Alpine Pine Essential Oil 10ml.


Anti-Stretch Marks Massage Oil 100ml.

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Essential Oils Blend “Cinnamon-Orange” 10ml.


This  blend is ideal for drivers, during preparing for exams or other important events, during the work at the computer (reduces the number of errors), ie in situations requiring increasing brain activity, mental clarity, concentration and attentiveness.

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Essential oils blends TM «Aromatika» are aromatic synergic mixtures in which the essential oils increase the effect of each other, whereby the effect of the mixture is greater than the effects of its individual components. Each blend combines a number of different biologically active substances which are components of presented in blend essential oils. That explains the variety of properties and versatile effects of blends. The unique combination of essential oils provides a therapeutic and preventive effect of each blend that can satisfy the needs and desires of all occasions. A wide range of blends TM “Aromatika” allows one to help health without using synthetic drugs.


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